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Welcome to the Library Services Wiki

We will be providing information about library services to all library staff in both the State University System and the Florida College System. In the future you can use this wiki as a resource for the ILS serving both the colleges and universities.

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FLVC Members Council on Library Services Standing Committees

ExLibris Systems

ILS - Aleph

ILS Consolidation

FLVC migrated the FCS and SUS Aleph environments into one physical system with one Aleph software installation over the weekend of August 3rd, 2013. Since then, FLVC maintains two parallel regions for the SUS and FCS. Linked from here are materials that were posted for libraries prior to the August 3 migration.

PDA01 for PDA/DDA Plans

FLVC has implemented a new process for managing discovery records for Patron Driven Acquisitions/Demand Drive Acquisitions (PDA/DDA) plans. Linked from here is more information about the process and what it means to the FCS and SUS libraries.

UPD Y Implementation

UPD Y is what FLVC calls the Aleph functionality for automatically updating bib record headings from authority records. This functionality has been turned on for the FCS Aleph for some time but not for the SUS. Linked from here is information about the project to turn on UPD Y for the SUS.

Metalib and SFX

MetaLib Consolidation

FLVC completed its consolidation of the current FCS and SUS MetaLib environment on October 1, 2013. Similar to the recent consolidation of the Aleph/ILS environments, the two environments run in parallel on one physical system that utilizes a single software installation. There are no changes to the public-facing interfaces of the product.

SFX Consolidation

The SFX consolidation successfully went live on November 14, 2013. We are now supporting a single, consolidated SFX environment, in alignment with legislative expectations. Future plans for SFX will depend on the consolidated discovery tool. The Discovery Tool Selection Task Force recommended (and the Members Council on Library Services agreed) that the link resolver related to the underlying aggregate index be implemented in conjunction with the discovery system. Funds do not exist to support retaining more than one mega-aggregate index and link resolver for statewide use, so as FLVC is planning to switch to the new mega-aggregate index, we will be planning to switch over to a new link resolver at that same time.

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